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Integrating Macs Into Windows Networks

Integrating Macs Into Windows Networks Authors:
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Book Summary:
Integrate Macs seamlessly into your Windows network These days, almost every Windows network must include Macs--and not just as second-class citizens with limited connectivity, but as full members of the network. Covering Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Windows Server 2008 R2, Integrating Macs into Windows Networks shows you how to incorporate Macs quickly and easily into your Windows Server network. You'll learn how to plan your Mac rollout, choose the best way of managing Macs, add Macs to the network seamlessly, and keep them secure and running smoothly. Select the right Macs for your organization's needs Make the physical connection to the network via Ethernet or AirPort Choose between extending Active Directory to handle Macs or building a "magic triangle" with Mac OS X Server Use proxy servers to give Macs safe internet access Connect Mac clients to Microsoft Exchange for e-mail and calendaring Provide Mac users with...

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