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AirPort and Mac Wireless Networks For Dummies

Michael E. Cohen. AirPort and Mac Wireless Networks For Dummies Authors:Michael E. Cohen.
Price:2723 rub.

Book Summary:
Share printers, play games online, and see how to find a strong signal Here's an AirPort that won't make you wait! This cool technology makes wireless networking a snap, and with this book, even an adult can do it. You'll see how to set up your network with Mac OS(r) X, add home entertainment toys, take it on the road, and even (sorry!) keep in touch with the office from almost anywhere. Discover how to: * Add AirPort to any OS X Mac * Connect your network to the Internet * Extend your AirPort network's range * Show movies and post photos over your network * Protect your AirPort network from intruders

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