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Network+ Fast Pass

Bill Ferguson. Network+ Fast Pass Authors:Bill Ferguson.
Price:3414 rub.

Book Summary:
Get the Perfect Preparation and Review Resource Network+ Fast Pass is the streamlined tool you need to hone in on the Network+ exam. The accompanying CD-ROM lets you practice, practice, practice, and you'll keep the book--packed with concise, objective-focused coverage and review questions--at your side until the minute you sit down to take the test. Coverage includes: Media and Topologies: Components, Cabling, Connections, Wireless. Protocols and Standards: the OSI Model, Routing and Addressing Schemes, the TCP/IP Suite, Common Ports, Access and Authentication. Network Implementation: Operating Systems, Security, Fault Tolerance, Disaster Recovery. Network Support: Utilities, Diagnostic Procedures, Remedies, Documentation. Order your copy today.

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