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Reorganizing Data And Voice Networks

Thomas R. Koehler. Reorganizing Data And Voice Networks Authors:Thomas R. Koehler.
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Book Summary:
With the emergence of new technologies like Voice over IP and Wireless LANs, the decentralization of enterprises, and the increased mobility of employees in the work force, separate data and voice networks are no longer adequate for today's organizations. The needs of companies, both large and small, require a newly structured, consolidated corporate network. Focusing on infrastructure, this unique resource provides professionals with practical guidance on reorganizing enterprise networks for maximum efficiency in today's marketplace. The book offers detailed information on key technologies and services such as VPNs (virtual private networks), VoIP (voice over IP), MPLS (multi protocol label switching), and mobile data services. This authoritative volume discusses the role of the CIO and the IT department within the organization and offers a thorough understanding of the costs and security issues related to enterprise network development. Helping companies strike an optimum...

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