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Democratic Network Governance in Europe

Edited by Martin Marcussen and Jacob Torfing. Democratic Network Governance in Europe Authors:Edited by Martin Marcussen and Jacob Torfing.
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan
Price:1357.4 rub.

Book Summary:
How effective are governance networks? Do they present us with democratic challenges? In which ways, if any, are governance networks themselves being governed? These questions are key to this book's study of governance networks at local, national and transnational levels. The number, types and functions of governance networks are increasing exponentially. A first generation of network research has given us insight into the scope of network governance in modern society and has helped us distinguish network governance from other types of hierarchical and market-based governance. This book goes one step further in presenting a second generation of network research that focuses on its implications for democracy, its effectiveness and meta-governance of network governance. Drawing on the expertise of well-known network scholars the book identifies, systematically investigates and critically evaluates concrete governance networks whilst applying a number of complementing research...

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