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Designing and Developing Scalable IP Networks

Guy Davies. Designing and Developing Scalable IP Networks Authors:Guy Davies.
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Book Summary:
Book DescriptionDesigning and Developing Scalable IP Networks takes a real world approach to the issues that it covers. The discussions within this book are rooted in actual designs and real development, not theory or pure engineering papers. It recognises and demonstrates the importance of taking a multi-vendor approach, as existing network infrastructure is rarely homogenous and its focus is upon developing existing IP networks rather than creating them from scratch. This global book based on the authors many years experience of designing real scalable systems, is an essential reference tool that demonstrates how to build a scalable network, what pitfalls to avoid and what mechanisms are the most successful in real life for engineers building and operating IP networks. It will be ideal for network designers and architects, network engineers and managers as well as project managers and will be of particular...

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