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Designing Networks with Cisco (Networking Series)

H Pasricha. Designing Networks with Cisco (Networking Series) Authors:H Pasricha.
Price:3408 rub.

Book Summary:
Book Description Designing Networks for Cisco provides comprehensive coverage of creating a successful network, and teaches network professionals to understand the basics of designing and creating small and large LANs and WANs using Cisco technologies. Using a unique step-by-step approach, the book focuses on how to build a network tailored to specific business needs, and covers the key areas of understanding business and customer needs, choosing appropriate protocols for the network, designing and testing the network, as well as the practical implementation of the network. IT and network administrators will also learn about simulation and prototype programs for the perceived network design, how to select media, hardware, and software for LANs and WANs, and the selection of routing protocols. Designing Networks for Cisco is not only a handbook for understanding network design and implementation, but it also covers all the essential material from the DESGN 640-861 Cisco CCDA...

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