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C# Network Programming

Richard Blum. C# Network Programming Authors:Richard Blum.
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Book Summary:
C# is Microsoft's hot new language for the .NET platform. This book covers everything C# programmers need to know to create network applications, a task traditionally done in C++. It explores the basics of network programming, including IP and TCP protocols, and moves on to targeted C# instruction, including using the C# network programming classes in the .NET framework. Topics covered include low-level network programming (such as sockets and multithreading), as well as network application layer programming for email, web-based, and security applications. Specific examples show how to create applications that use network protocols such as SNMP, SMTP, and HTTP. The book also has advanced coverage of incorporating an Active Directory server database and .NET remoting in a network application. Author Richard Blum has been a network and systems administrator for 13 years for the Department of Defense and is the author of four books on networking topics.

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