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Ip Storage Networking: IBM Nas & Iscsi Solutions

IBM Redbooks. Ip Storage Networking: IBM Nas & Iscsi Solutions Authors:IBM Redbooks.
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Book Summary:
"IP Storage Networking utilizes existing Ethernet infrastructure as a backbone for connecting storage devices. By using this network, the infrastructure investment may be leveraged to provide an even greater ROI. Where creation of a dedicated storage network is desirable, the use of familiar IP ""fabric"" means that existing support skills and resources can be leveraged, providing lower cost of ownership. IP Storage Networking devices simplify installation and management by providing a complete suite of pre-loaded software. They are readily capable of filling the need caused by the elimination of general purpose servers with direct attached storage. This IBM Redbook is intended for IBMers, Business Partners, and customers who are tasked to help choose a storage network. This book will help you understand the different storage networking technologies available in the market. It discusses the circumstances under which you might want to use SAN, NAS, or iSCSI, showing where all of...

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