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Networks and Systems Management: Platforms Analysis and Evaluation

Iosif G. Ghetie. Networks and Systems Management: Platforms Analysis and Evaluation Authors:Iosif G. Ghetie.
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Book Summary:
This book provides a comprehensive methodology for analysis and evaluation of technical characteristics and features of distributed networks and systems management platforms. The analysis covers management platforms run-time, development, and implementation environments. Operability, scalability, interoperability, and aspects of applications portability are discussed. Topics include: + open systems and distributed management platforms; + analysis of management platform components such as graphical user interface, event management, communications, object manipulation, database management, hardware, operating systems, distributed directory, security and time services; + in-depth analysis of network and systems management applications; + comprehensive evaluation of Bull ISM/OpenMaster, Cabletron Spectrum, Cambio Networks (COMMAND), Computer Associates CA-Unicenter, DEC TeMIP and PolyCenter NetView, HP OpenView, IBM NetView for AIX and TMN WorkBench for AIX Applications...

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