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Securing the Enterprise Network

Janet G. Butler. Securing the Enterprise Network Authors:Janet G. Butler.
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Book Summary:
Despite the power of internetworking, companies are faced with enormous security threats. CTR's 250-page report analyzes today's network security issues, describes their rapidly changing technical aspects, and forecasts future network security challenges. This report is your guide to the latest advances in security technology. Network Security: An Overview Today's networking technologies enable the sharing of enormous amounts of information within an organization. Distributed client/server (C/S)computing and enterprisewide internetworking offer new opportunities and flexibility. But as information accessibility grows, so does vulnerability to potential security breaches. CTR's Securing the Enterprise Network report offers an indepth discussion of current and emerging security technologies. The report addresses the major network security solutions, such as encryption, packet-level filters, auditing, and firewalls. Other important topics such as network operating system...

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