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Building Scalable Network Services: Theory and Practice

Cheng Jin. Building Scalable Network Services: Theory and Practice Authors:Cheng Jin.
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Book Summary:
Building Scalable Network Services: Theory and Practice is on building scalable network services on the Internet or in a network service provider's network. The focus is on network services that are provided through the use of a set of servers. The authors present a tiered scalable network service model and evaluate various services within this architecture. The service model simplifies design tasks by implementing only the most basic functionalities at lower tiers where the need for scalability dominates functionality. Because of the simplicity, lower-tier services following these design principles can support content-rich network service on a large scale. The book includes a number of theoretical results that are practical and applicable to real networks, such as building network-wide measurement, monitoring services, and strategies for building better P2P networks. Various issues in scalable system design and placement algorithms for service nodes are discussed. Using existing...

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