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Network Printing: Building Print Services on Heterogeneous Networks

Todd Radermacher, Matthew Gast. Network Printing: Building Print Services on Heterogeneous Networks Authors:Todd Radermacher, Matthew Gast.
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Book Summary:
On today's networks it's common to have users running Windows, Apple, Novell, and many versions of Unix. Each operating systems has its own printing facility that shares little or nothing with that of the other operating systems. Yet all these users want to be able to print, and usually they have to share the same printers. The network administrator has to solve this problem as efficiently as possible. O'Reilly's Network Printing shows how to set up a network printing system that's based onLinux but can handle printing from other platforms. It covers the Unix printing facility (both LPR and LPRng); Samba's printer sharing; Netatalk, a free implementation of the AppleTalk protocol; and ncpfs, a Linux implementation of the Netware protocols. The book also shows how to get printers to boot correctly on a network, using solutions like bootp and DHCP; how to manage printers remotely using SNMP; and how to set up a network-wide printer configuration repository with LDAP.

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