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Essentials of ATM Networks and Services

Oliver C. Ibe. Essentials of ATM Networks and Services Authors:Oliver C. Ibe.
Price:2016 rub.

Book Summary:
"The fact that this is an essentials only' book makes it unique. It's a good book as an introduction to the new ATM technology." -- Matthew Scott, Software Engineer, FORE Systems Anyone needing an introduction to the ATM network will find this book's unique approach a valuable asset in getting up to speed on this growing technology. Intended as a quick reference to the ATM network, Essentials of ATM Networks and Services begins with an overview of the technology and then provides an explanation ofthe services defined for ATM. Developed from an author-taught introductory course on ATM networks and services, this book covers every aspect of ATM while focusing primarily on the servicesthe various ways of handling information throughout a network. Some of the services included are: ATM LAN emulation; IP over ATM; multiprotocol over ATM; frame-based access services; audiovisual multimedia services over ATM; inverse multiplexing over ATM; and circuit emulation service. In...

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