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Red Hat Linux Networking and System Administration (+ DVD-ROM)

Terry Collings, Kurt Wall. Red Hat Linux Networking and System Administration (+ DVD-ROM) Authors:Terry Collings, Kurt Wall.
Publisher:Wiley Publishing, Inc
Price:4306.8 rub.

Book Summary:
This book is the book you need to run your business with Red Hat. It provides comprehensive coverage on how to manage and network the Red Hat Linux OS and step-by-step instructions needed to maintain and/or add to the Red Hat Linux system. This book features an entire part on security and problem solving that covers detecting intrusions/hacking, implementing local security, firewalls, and Internet security. Other topics include: RAID; TCP/IP networking; connecting to Microsoft networks; connecting to Apple networks; the Red Hat network; upgrading and customizing the kernel; using scripts; backing up and restoring the file system.

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