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Network Security Hacks

Andrew Lockhart. Network Security Hacks Authors:Andrew Lockhart.
Price:1750.2 rub.

Book Summary:
This information-packed book provides over 100 quick, practical, and clever things to do to help make your Linux, UNIX, or Windows networks more secure today. It goes beyond securing TCP/IP-based services by providing intelligent, host-based security techniques. Loaded with concise but powerful examples of applied encryption, intrusion detection, logging, trending, and incident response, Network Security Hacks demonstrates effective methods for defending your servers and networks from a variety ofdevious and subtle attacks. Learn how to detect the presence (and track every keystroke) of network intruders, new methods for protecting your network and data using strong encryption, and even techniques for laying traps for would-be system crackers. Important security tools are presented, as well as clever methods for using them to reveal real, timely, useful information about what is happening on your network. The devilishly effective security hacks in this book will keep your 12-hour...

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